Settling into a Rhythm

by Ashtanga Newbie

It’s been a busy busy few weeks on some rather fun projects so my focus on the practise was put on hold. It was still there for me on the mornings when I didn’t have to run off anywhere for meetings, and also on some of the mornings when I managed to get up early.

It’s been lovely to discover that this practise has become an actual habit now, rather that something I must consciously decide to do. Like getting in the shower or brushing my teeth, it’s just a part of most morning’s routine. Or, at least, every other morning’s routine.

One of my musings of late… Perhaps the ‘everydayness’ of the practise is designed to break down your muscles and tendons deliberately? I’m doing it every other day so my muscle fibres have chance to recover, and I’m still getting noticeably stronger week to week. Would this be the case if I were to go all in on the 5/6 day a week practise? I’m quite sure I’d be loads more flexible than I am even now, when getting my legs behind my head is becoming quite easy rather than some sort of pie in the sky ideal.

Some studies have shown that 4 days a week is the optimum, most efficient exercise schedule, and it definitely feels the easiest to stick to.

Which brings me back to the notion that the practise is there not for strength, nor for flexibility, but for something more psychological, so to feel the full benefit you have to do it everyday. Physiology be damned.

But then that brings me full circle to thinking that the mind, brain and body are intricately intertwined in their effect on each other – that you can’t ignore one without detriment to the others.

Now the work is slacking off a bit more, as it tends to do most years around this time, I have more time to experiment. I could try a month or so of fully full on 6 day practise and see what it does. Perhaps November? We shall see…